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7 in 10 Americans are victims of medical price fraud and overcharges.

Americans lose over $108 billion annually to medical claims.

The cause? Medical price fraud and billing overcharges. Sometimes an honest coding error, often times not.

The culprits? Doctors, hospitals, insurance carriers, billing, and collection agencies all have varying roles in this massive heist.

Medical bills are confusing by design. Uncovering and fixing intentional — and unintentional — price fraud and hidden overcharges is difficult.

HealthLock’s Medical Fraud Protection is here to help.

We provide secure monitoring, detection and alert services for fraudulent pricing and overcharges on all of your medical, dental, vision and RX bills.

Protection from:

  • Fraudulent COVID billing
  • Unjustly claim denials
  • Surprise billing
  • Balance billing
  • Up-coding and mis-coding
  • Price gouging
  • Duplicate charges
  • Out-of-network charges
  • Medical Identity Theft

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