Our Mission

“to bear one another’s burdens”

is the reason we’ve had the honor of assisting individuals and their families in their medical time of need for over 10 years.​

Our Story

HealthLock was started as a full-service auditing group that works to organize, verify, and resolve medical bill errors — resulting in millions of dollars saved for our customers. Fueled by their own tangled, confusing and traumatic medical journey, our founders set out to create a service that clears away confusion and relieves the administrative burden of medical bills so that families can be present to experience the joy of childbirth, the sadness of terminal illness, the unexpectedness of an injury, and the grief of death.
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Your Protection is our Priority

Through years of auditing and investigating over $300 million in medical claims, we discovered that a number of our customers’ medical billing issues were a result of their medical identity being compromised by fraudulent charges and billing practices, or misrepresented use of their healthcare benefits. As a result, we developed a secure, 5 step Medical Identity Theft and Price Fraud Protection service. We include this as part of our full-service claims auditing services, but we also offer our HealthLock Medical Identity Protection and Monitoring as a free trial service to new customers with no commitment or obligation.

The people we serve.

We have been serving over 100,000 lives with medical claims auditing, monitoring and recovery services for more than a decade. The majority of our clients have been celebrity and high profile individuals that have a specialized need for discretion and premium medical claims auditing services. In 2019, we launched HealthLock as an affordable medical identity protection, claims auditing and savings recovery service that’s now available to everyone.
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