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of medical bills 

contain errors

Uncovering sneaky price fraud and hidden overcharges are only half the battle. Fighting with providers and insurance carriers to correct billing errors and collect refunds for overcharges is frustrating and time consuming. 

We know because we’ve been auditing claims and protecting over 100,000 customers from medical fraud and overcharges for 10 years. Our team of Personal HealthCare Advisors (PHA) are highly experienced auditors that understand the medical billing ecosystem and the negotiating tactics needed to fight for claim remediation and overcharge recovery. 

HealthLock’s automated free Price Fraud and Overcharge Alerts give you peace of mind. If the time and burden of fighting for the fix is too much, you can upgrade to HealthLock Premium at any time. Our experienced auditors will automatically investigate, validate and negotiate Alerted claims as they occur on your behalf – giving you back valuable time and potential savings!

HealthLock protects you and your family from Medical Identity Theft, price fraud and overcharges.

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