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Over half of medical bills contain errors. HealthLock automatically analyzes your and your family’s claims for fraud and overbilling—and can help get your money back.

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$130 million saved by members

100,000+ lives protected

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How HealthLock works

Powerful analytics-driven technology and a team of ever-vigilant professionals work around the clock to restore privacy, control and savings to you and your family.



Sync your insurance. We securely organize your claims, providers and more in an easy-to-use dashboard.



We automatically review you and your family’s claims for errors, monitor your providers for breaches and privacy intrusions.



Anytime we detect potential overbilling, fraud or suspicious activity, we flag it and notify you immediately.



Optionally, you can request we negotiate overcharges to get your money back.



We always have your back. We’ll investigate and help fix medical fraud issues.

Requires 20% of shared savings.

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Why trust HealthLock

100,000+ lives protected

For over 10 years, HealthLock technology has provided privacy, control and savings to celebrities and high-net-worth families.

$130,000,000+ reclaimed

HealthLock technology has audited over half a billion dollars in medical bills and saved members over $130 million. How much are you being overbilled?

Your data security is priority one

HealthLock uses bank-level security to help ensure your data stays out of the wrong hands. We are SOC 2 compliant and follow strict HIPAA guidelines.

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