HealthLock Release Notes

Release v2023.12.06


  • Added Concierge Case – a new case type
  • Enabled annual subscription plans
  • Introduced Savings Bundles for approval
  • Revamped how savings are displayed
  • Enter your billing address when adding a payment method
  • Enabled auto-enrollment into a plan
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Release v2023.10.04


  • Improved Lower My Bill experiences
  • Re-design member insurance
    • Added the ability to select a main subscriber of an insurance
    • Add the ability to tag an insurance type
  • Re-design Deductible Tracking dashboard widget
  • Integrations for Freshpaint tracking
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release v2023.09.06


  • Enhance Claim Details
  • Enable live content from Blueshift
  • Insurance connection improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release v2023.05.001


  • Messages relocated to Claims page
  • Added sub-status to investigations and negotiations for enhanced visibility
  • Enhanced provider breach and Medical Id Theft information
  • Changed references from “Doctors” to “Providers”
  • General performance improvements

Release v4.1.0


  • Mastercard CDH language
  • Updates for responding and reading messages
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release v4.0.0


  • Insurance connection improvements
  • Display insurance logos
  • Onboarding improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release v3.7.2


  • Small UI changes to my files and documents
  • Improve uploading a document
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release v3.7.1


  • Introduced a new claim status ‘Flagged+’
  • New look when subscribing to a trial
  • Updates to OTP/MFA
  • New dashboard navigation
  • Additions to notification settings
  • General cleanup and improvements

Release v3.6.0


  • Implemented Retro Bill Remediation and Verification
  • Added membership plan disclaimers
  • Better handling of backend errors
  • Improved flow for fixing insurance credentials
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements