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More than 40% of medical bills contain errors.


Sixty-six percent of Americans are already concerned they won’t be able to afford medical care. Whether an error or something more nefarious, overbilling can cost you thousands.


Unscrupulous providers may submit billing codes to your insurance for more expensive procedures. This leads to higher costs for you. But without studying medical billing in-depth you would never know.


$325B is lost every year to medical fraud and overcharges. Fraudsters can obtain medical services using your information and leave you with an expensive bill and an uphill battle.

HealthLock negotiated on my behalf. And the insurance paid the whole thing.

– Kathy G.

HealthLock checks for errors and gets your money back.

We audit your bills for errors.

Once you sync HealthLock with your insurance, our proprietary AI audits incoming medical bills for errors and overcharges. If we find that you may have been overbilled, we flag the bill.

We negotiate for you.

At your request, HealthLock will work on your behalf to investigate and negotiate your bills with your providers and insurance carrier.

(Requires HealthLock Gold or above, any required claim fees + 33% of savings.)

We work to resolve fraud with our expert Fraud Resolution Team.

If you become a victim of fraud, our US-based team of resolution experts will work to fix the problem and restore your medical records.

Some services are only available with select membership levels. See all plans and services.

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