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We audit, alert and fix hidden medical identity theft, price fraud, and costly overcharges.

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Protection and peace of mind

Worrying about costly medical bills is stressful. Dealing with the consequences of medical fraud can be even harder. HealthLock safeguards you and your family from the costly impact of medical bill price fraud and overcharges, and from the crippling effects of medical identity theft. We’ve been securely auditing claims, uncovering price fraud, and negotiating savings for customers for 10 over years.

What we do.

Price Fraud Detection

Bill Overcharge Alerts

Medical ID Theft Protection

Price Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent price fraud.

We audit, catch and alert you of fraudulent pricing on your medical claims, like denial of service, balance billing, duplicate billing, and price gouging.

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Bill Overcharge Alerts

Don’t overpay medical bills.

Secure, always-on monitoring of your healthcare transactions with Alert notifications and Fix options for our team to investigate and recover bill overcharges.

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Medical ID Theft Protection

Protect your Medical Identity.

Verify your network of recognized healthcare providers and receive alerts of unrecognized doctor visits and transactions. We’ll investigate and remediate suspicious activity.

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HealthLock protects you and your family from Medical Identity Theft, price fraud and overcharges.

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10+ years protecting our members

$ 1 M
In audited Claims
1 +K
Lives impacted
1 %
Average savings

“I trust HealthLock to protect my medical privacy.”

Nicole C. Mullen

Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter

HealthLock is trusted by over 10,000 of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We continue to save millions for our members while protecting their good name. Trust HealthLock.

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