About HealthLock

HealthLock is passionate about protecting our members’ medical data and championing data privacy around the world.

Healthcare is complex. Rampant medical fraud, overbilling, and privacy violations negatively impact the lives of millions of Americans.

HealthLock gives power to the patients by restoring privacy, control, and savings to healthcare consumers. With patent-pending AI technology and a team of passionate professionals, HealthLock protects against medical fraud and privacy intrusions, organizes and audits insurance claims and medical bills, and helps members fight back against overbilling.

Over the last 10 years, HealthLock technology has been used to audit over half a billion dollars in medical bills and return over $130 million of our members’ hard-earned money.


What does HealthLock do?

HealthLock helps restore privacy, control and savings to healthcare. We audit our members’ medical bills, get their money back and help protect against medical privacy violations, medical fraud and medical overbilling.

PRIVACYWe help protect our members’ medical privacy by reviewing their medical bills and monitoring their medical care providers. In the event of a medical breach, we alert our members and work to restore their medical identity. We also put their doctors on watch, letting them know that we’re keeping an eye out and that they need to do everything in their power to protect our members’ privacy.

CONTROLFor people fed up with the complexity and confusion of the healthcare system, HealthLock provides clarity and simplicity by aggregating medical bills in a single location for better understanding of medical bills, knowledge of which bills to pay and how much they have paid out of pocket.

SAVINGS To date, HealthLock has reviewed over $500 million in medical bills and returned over $130 million in medical savings to our members. Our powerful AI and knowledgeable team work relentlessly to identify overbilling and return our members’ hard-earned money.

How does HealthLock work?

First, HealthLock syncs with your insurance provider. HealthLock uses secure, proprietary technology to review and check your medical care providers, your medical bills and your medical costs to ensure that your doctors are keeping your privacy, you understand your medical bills and that you do not overpay for medical services.

Why do you need to sync with my insurance provider?

Technically, we do not need to sync with your insurance provider. You could manually upload all of your bills into our secure system. But HealthLock’s secure technology automates the process for you and continuously scans your new medical bills and reviews for overbilling while making sure your medical care provider has not had a data breach.

Is HealthLock new?

No, the core of our HealthLock technology has been serving members for years. Some of the most wealthy and high-profile Americans trust their medical privacy, control and savings to HealthLock technology. HealthLock has been bringing this service to everyday Americans over the past several years.

Can’t I just do this myself?

Members could constantly keep track of all of their medical bills, review each of the bill’s line items against their own insurance plan, ensure that all medical bill coding is accurate against the medical service provided, download and review daily reports of medical breaches nationwide and then contact the billing departments of each of their health care providers to fight against overbilling all on their own.

But HealthLock does that (and more) safely, securely—and automatically—so you don’t have to!

What does HealthLock cost?

Our HealthLock Silver membership is normally $4.99 a month, but through promotions you can get it free of charge. It provides you essential protection and visibility into your medical care providers and bills. For those that are looking for more protection, visibility and bill savings, you can always upgrade your membership. See our available plans.

Is HealthLock safe and secure?

Yes! HealthLock technology has been trusted over the past 10 years with the private medical information of high-net-worth and celebrity individuals. It has been our responsibility to keep their data secure and private.

With that said, all member data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Data is restricted so that HealthLock employees can only see the member data they are assigned and computer USB ports are disabled. And we use bank-level security technology to help ensure your data stays out of the wrong hands.

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