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Scott Speranza

Chief Executive Officer

HealthLock CEO Scott Speranza is a visionary entrepreneur with more than 25 years of success in software analytics, health management solutions, and health insurance and claims auditing. Under his leadership, HealthLock has become a cutting-edge disrupter in healthcare billing and fraud protection, forging partnerships with large, multi-national financial institutions, employer groups and benefits providers to offer unique health data privacy solutions.

Also the Chairman and CEO of HealthLock’s parent company inAssist, Scott has led both companies to audit over half a billion dollars in medical claims and saved members more than $130 million over the past decade through innovative technology and monitoring. Combining his deep knowledge of health insurance with technical know-how, Scott is passionate about making healthcare simpler and more effortless for all.

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David Burzynski

Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer

Serving as HealthLock’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer, David Burzynski is a seasoned marketer, business development strategist and passionate customer advocate with three decades of experience driving exponential growth within tech-focused, high-stakes industries.

He oversees customer innovation, lead generation and brand development with a mission to give millions of people nationwide improved access to healthcare privacy, control and savings.

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Jeanine Nugent

Chief Operating Officer

Jeanine Nugent is a seasoned organizational leader with nearly three decades of experience across healthcare, technology, automotive and manufacturing industries. As HealthLock’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeanine brings her extensive knowledge in strategic planning, information technology and operations to guide the company’s product execution strategy and daily operations.

Leveraging her robust background with enterprise-wide software application development and customer experience planning, Jeanine expertly combines technical know-how with business dynamics to bring ideas from the whiteboard to reality. Her leadership acumen, data-focused approach and passion for making a positive impact define her as a resolute leader who instigates change, aligning seamlessly with HealthLock’s mission to revolutionize the healthcare landscape for the better.

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