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Verify every healthcare transaction. Help protect against fraud and rising costs.

Drive usage

Traditional advocacy programs are reactive and rarely used. HealthLock works proactively to address holistic healthcare issues, so employee engagement and usage remain high.

No-cost options

HealthLock EmployeeCare offers no-cost and low-cost options for employees and their families. Employers can opt to upgrade at discounted rates, or employees can upgrade on their own.

Less to manage

After enrollment and sync, HealthLock works directly with employees. As claims come in, we automatically track, verify, and alert the employee to potential issues. No management required.

Save employees an average of

20% +

on out-of-pocket costs.

How HealthLock helps employees

More than 50% of medical bills contain errors. HealthLock organizes claims, monitors for breaches, and alerts users of potential fraud and overbilling. That means no more overpaying for healthcare.

  • Detect medical fraud and guard against medical identity theft
  • Organize and track healthcare in one place
  • Audit medical claims for overbilling and get money back
Did You Know:

of bankruptcies are tied to medical bills

The proof is in the numbers.

We’ve helped protect more than


employer groups
(that’s 100,000+ employees!) from fraud and overbilling.

We’ve reclaimed more than

$130 million

in the process

Gain actionable insights into what’s driving your healthcare costs.

NavProtect powered by HealthLock integrates with workforce healthcare plans to provide real-time analytics, insights, and savings to employers and benefit advisors by reviewing every claim. This unprecedented access to data can reduce employer plan costs by 1–3% or more annually.

Provide decision makers with a clear roadmap for predicting future costs and opportunities.

View dozens of data-rich insights and actionable analytics.

Find vendors through a vetted point-solutions marketplace.

Implementation occurs in less than 60 days.


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